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International Workshops

Open the Door

Colleena’s international workshops open the door for students into a vast world of dance. Workshop formats provide insights and motivation for new students to move deeper into the dance, as well as new inspirations and valuable material for seasoned dancers. The short workshop format offers a taste of the deeper connection to dance, which may be more fully experienced in retreats and Shakti School of Dance.

International Retreats

Live the Dance

Combining two of our great passions: travel and dance! Colleena’s international retreats offer the rare chance to embody dance without interruption. Going into retreat with Colleena for sustained periods of time is the ideal setting to retain more knowledge and unlock greater complexity. Living together in beautiful natural surroundings allows for prolonged focus, essential to look deeper into our art without distraction. The occasion to immerse in a contained experience is a vital step in the evolution of a dancer. Retreats offer us the chance to make lasting friendships and connect with a global community.



Dance for All

Welcome to our virtual home! Here you will find single classes, courses in both long and short formats, and supplementary learning tools for your live training in a range of topics including:  Yoga, Dance Conditioning, Odissi, Fusion, Rajasthani, Art Theory and more.

Rangoli s turq

Shakti School of Dance: India

Enter the Heart

Inside our bright blue doors awaits an enriching cultural exchange for dancers and yogis alike. Here you will be immersed in the teachings of our vibrant authentic lineages, in classical and folkloric dance as well as yoga. Drop into the joy of Rajasthani folk dance, Indian Fusion and North Indian dances with local dance and music legends or experience our daily Yoga and Odissi stepping class during our dance season (January – April).  Join our cultural immersions in Odissi Classical Indian dance at our main school location at Pushkar, Rajasthan (India).  This is where our most intensive training happens in the year, as well as our annual classical dance festival. 

Annual dance season at Pushkar, Rajasthan: January through May

Shakti Summer School : Greece

Yoga ~ Art ~ Nature

Villa Shakti is a beautiful sanctuary of art and yoga in the vibrant Mediterranean nature on the Greek island of Crete. The sea and sunshine rejuvenate and inspire artistic reflection and healthy living.

Shakti Summer School is a professional dance training program offering weeklong immersions on various dance styles and is designed for the serious dance student who wants to reach new depths in their dance through focused study and hard work in a supportive environment. The group size is kept small to ensure a lot of personal attention and our peaceful home environment offers an opportunity for students to connect with each other in the breathtaking landscape.

Long-Term Study Programs

Commit to Your Dance

Traverse a well-defined path within our holistic curriculum. Both the Odissi Diploma Program and Indian Fusion Formation are designed for the serious student who aims at mastery through professional training. For the student who resonates with the vision and values of Shakti School of Dance, they will benefit immensely from our focus of empowering students: mind, body and spirit. Intellectual inquiry, aesthetic reflection and creative explorations are nurtured through the structured coursework and exercises defined in each program syllabus. Our aim is to prepare students with a deep understanding of the relevant cultural values connected to the respective dance forms, so they can create meaningful dance experiences.


The Indian Fusion Formation is a structured dance training program (5 Levels) designed to progressively impart the techniques, training methods and theories behind this beautiful dance form – Indian Fusion Dance as developed by Colleena Shakti.


The Odissi Diploma Program is a year-round study over the course of 5 years in the style of Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra. It is both a practical and theoretical study of Odissi performance technique, choreography and artistry, as well as critical application of Indian classical dance theory.