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Colleena Shakti has dedicated her life to dance ever since moving to India for intensive training in Odissi Classical Indian Dance in 2001. She is currently based between India and Greece. In India she directs Shakti School of Dance and works with folk artists to promote traditional Rajasthani music and dance, while in summer months she hosts residential trainings in dance and yoga at Villa Shakti Crete. She tours internationally collaborating with artists, teaching workshops and performing. Recently she has launched an online curriculum as an extension of Shakti School of Dance.   


Teaching Odissi

Teaching Odissi Classical Dance

Creativity within the Pedagogy of Guru Shisha Parampara. This blog entry asks a fundamental question:What is the role of creativity in teaching Classical Indian Dance?

Dance of breath

The Dance of Breath: Vinyasa Krama Yoga

When mastered, this vinyasa practice becomes an inspiring artistic expression; a flowing dance set to the rhythm of the breath.   Guru Shishya Parampara, an unbroken chain of direct discipleship

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