Dance repertoire

Through Colleena’s long term apprentice-style learning in Indian classical and folkloric dances (spanning over two decades) she has developed her own unique stylizations and methodologies from the solid training base she received from her Gurus.  Respectfully distinguishing between tradition and contemporary fusions, she finds a balance through deep study of the texts and underlying philosophies which give rise to the Indian aesthetic.


Classical Indian Dance from Odisha, Eastern India

A dedicated disciple of Smt. Sujata Mohapatra, Colleena has engaged in the rigorous training process of classical Odissi dance for over two decades…


Dances of Rajasthan, North India

“My heart beats in Rajasthan!” Colleena has been living closely with, observing, documenting and collaborating with various artistic communities of Rajasthan since 2001 (including the Kalbeliya, Langa and Manganiyer).  Through these connections and relationships that have grown over the years, she has both observed….

Indian Fusion

A ‘transcultural’ fusion inspired by Indian dances, Contemporary, Tribal Fusion, Middle Eastern Raqs Sharqi and Central Asian dances

This dance is the result of the diverse dance training and interests that have taken Colleena’s life journey around the world. Ancient and modern… 


Re imagining Indian traditional movements using contemporary techniques and concepts

Inspired by Indian martial arts and classical dance, Pina Bausch’s Tanstheater and all the training within her body, Colleena explores Vira Rasa – the heroic through impulse movements…