Indian Fusion Formation

An Accredited Dance Training Program


An accredited dance training program

Indian Fusion Dance is a contemporary transcultural fusion based on

explorations of Indian and Middle Eastern aesthetics.


Welcome to my dance world, where beauty is savored, culture is celebrated and we dance the last drops!  I invite you to immerse in the arts of India and beyond through our Indian Fusion Formation program. 

This dance is rich in symbolism and detail, with deep meanings waiting to be unveiled. 

Our holistic dance approach involves refined technique, strong work ethic and intellectual inquiry.

Indian Fusion Formation is my new program in which I present my combined dance knowledge of well over 2 decades of study and research.

I invite you to a world of RASA ~ Indian Fusion Formation

Indian Fusion Dance

Stylistically speaking, Indian Fusion movement vocabulary is inspired by cultural dances of India and the Middle East (including its modern evolutions).  This dance bridges modern and folkloric Belly Dance vocabulary with extensive postures and spins of North Indian classical and folk dance, intricacies of eyes, hands and facial expression from Eastern Indian classical dance and draws in elements of Central Asian dances as well.

Woven seamlessly together, Indian Fusion Dance is both Ancient & Modern – expressing timeless qualities and values.

Indian Fusion Formation
The Program

Indian Fusion Formation is a structured dance training program designed to progressively impart the techniques, training methods and theories behind this beautiful dance form – Indian Fusion Dance as developed by Colleena Shakti.

Indian Fusion Formation is not just a dance program, it is also a cultural immersion.  Intellectual inquiry, aesthetic reflection and creative explorations are nurtured through the structured coursework and exercises defined in the program syllabus.

This program differs from other programs in its aim to prepare students with a deep understanding of the relevant cultural values, so they can create meaningful dance experiences with the Indian Fusion Dance vocabulary.

Different than a retreat or workshop, the program’s holistic curriculum empowers the student to grow within a shared movement vocabulary which aims at professional mastery.  By progressing through the level system (1-4) students will gain access to teaching techniques and tools in the last level (L4).  Upon successful completion of the program students will have the tools to present this dance with confidence and receive the blessings to teach this material.

2024 Training Opportunity... IN INDIA!

Level 1

 Join us for a deep cultural immersion and dance training in this inspiring setting!

DATE: April 14-21, 2024

LOCATION: Shakti School of Dance, Old Rang Nath Temple in Pushkar Rajasthan – India

Level 2

 Join us for the first ever IFF Level 2 in Crete, Greece at our Summer Art Sanctuary in the beautiful Greek Islands!

DATE: TBA – more info coming soon!

LOCATION: Villa Shakti Crete, Greece

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This program is for you if…

  • You love studying cultures, art history, theory and holistic – mind/body movement.
  • You love formal structured dance study aiming for mastery.
  • You love to travel and experience cultures – to step out of pre conceived ideas and see life from new perspectives, gaining deeper insights into your own evolution.
  • You seek deeper meaning, precision and intention in your dance experience.
  • You seek a dance community who values honest hard work, positivity, accuracy and respect of culture and art.
  • You seek discovery of your source of strength and feminine grace through dance.
  • You are a new dancer looking to establish a firm foundation in this style and holistic dance approach.



We have prepared a special course just for you!  *IFF PRELIMINARY COURSE is available at our online school to help you feel confident and prepared for Level 1.  This course includes:  Full gesture/isolation vocabulary, basic ATS, Tribal Fusion, Raqs Sharqi and folkloric Egyptian dance steps used in this dance style as well as drills and a fun choreography to help you practice these steps.  Even if you have studied Bellydance, we highly encourage Level 1 students to do this preparatory course as you may have learned movements with different names or in a slightly different way than how Colleena teaches them.

LEVEL 1: PRATISTHANA – प्रतिष्ठान 


Discover and establish yourself in the inspiring world of Rasa, Indian Fusion and Shakti School of Dance through studying its vision, values and theoretic components that weave together to create the formation.  Students will receive a clear and systematic break down in preliminary yoga practices, warm ups, postures, dance vocabulary, phrases and repertoire.  Most importantly students learn how to practice (techniques for practice, drills and creative explorations).  Basic Belly Dance experience required. Establish yourself in what you find truth in. 

 *It is possible to attend as a beginning belly dancer if completing selected online instruction videos.  

LEVEL 2: AVARTANA – आवर्तन

Practice, turning, revolving, studying, churning, repetition, stirring anything in fusion


Dancers inspired to move deeper will continue to firmly root and refine L1 vocabulary as well as adding a lot of new material  and compositions in L2!  Choreography and manipulations will offer more creative variety to dancers within the aesthetic of Indian Fusion.  L2 includes the opportunity to experience traditional training in Indian Classical dance to gain experience in a traditional Indian dance context.  Technical understanding will advance in all theory topics (anatomy, kinesiology, movement principles, training techniques, musicality and cultural context).  Passing score on Level 1 test and completion of homework assignments is required to join this course.  “Repetition is the road to mastery”

LEVEL 3: MĀDHURYA – माधुर्य

Sweetness, charm, grace, exquisite beauty


Through careful, repetitive practice a dancer matures artistically making room for subtlety, complexity and bhav – the things of which art is made.  Expectations of the student shift from basic movement memorization to precision, quality of movement and strength. L3 introduces mature techniques for performance, presentation and creation such as expression and conveying themes. In addition to exploration of L1 & L2 techniques, students will train in more advanced vocabulary and phrases, as well as complex spins and applied musicality.  Theory studies will focus on Natya Shastra and highly authentic texts with more advanced philosophy.  Passing score on Level 2 test and completion of homework assignments is required to join this course.  Like churning butter, the cream rises to the top…

LEVEL 4: DRSTI – दृष्टि

Vision, theory, wisdom, attitude


L4 dancers show leadership qualities through their firmly established values and can transmit the essence of Indian Fusion through their dance presentation with precision and ease.  For dancers who want to build community, create intelligent fusions which celebrate culture, share the transformative power of what they love and move always deeper on the path of art, L4 prepares them to teach Indian Fusion dance material and its vision.  Creation labs will develop new material which aligns with the formation.  Graduates are invited to be continuing contributors and ambassadors of Indian Fusion Dance. Passing score on Level 3 test and completion of homework assignments is required to join this course.  Exam is given at the completion of Level 4.  ‘The art is bigger than the artist’.


Graduates are active contributors and ambassadors of Indian Fusion Dance as it continues to grow and expand.


Strong Dance Technique: Detailed study of Indian Fusion Formation techniques, postures, movement principles, isolation gestures, ‘moves’, dance phrases, traveling steps and spins.

Intellectual Inquiry:  History, culture, art theories, Ayurvedic/Yogic perspectives on wellness, ancient and contemporary texts – studied through lectures and presentations, reading assignments and Q&A.

Aesthetic and Artistic Reflection:  Through learning choreographed dance phrases, a variety of cultural dance forms and reflective writing.

Creative Exploration within a Defined Aesthetic:  Through dance exercises and response to theme, group work creating and re imagining choreography.



  • Yoga: techniques and theory
  • Warm-ups, strengthening, anga shuddhi, and supplemental exercises
  • Gestures, isolation patterns and detailed micro-movements
  • A common repertoire of Indian Fusion – Moves, movement principles, traveling steps, spins, transitions and phrases
  • Choreography, choreographic tools & improvisation
  • Costume & Adornment


  • Indian Aesthetic Theory, Traditions & Cultural Context
  • The art of being a Student / Teacher (Advanced dance skills for teaching)
  • The Mind, Body & Spirit – a Holistic Vision: anatomy, kinesiology, Ayurveda self-care, and holistic yogic health.
  • Musicality (Indian Music, Middle Eastern Music, Fusion Music)
  • Bhav: Expression, storytelling and higher embodiment
  • Vision, Mission, Values – creating your community and sharing your message
  • Ethics (Fusion or Confusion, Cultural Appropriation, Disappearing Cultures, Orientalism, Dance in a Business world, etc)



Level 1 is 35-40 hours of training usually held over 5-7 days (often with some online component to prepare), including the optional testing on the 7th day.  The training is a combination of theoretical discussion and movement to understand and memorize Indian Fusion’s codified dance language.

Registration in the Level 1 Indian Fusion Formation Program includes:

  • Beautiful IFF Textbook –  with detailed breakdown of movement vocabulary, photograph references, reading articles, etc.
  • Testing & LEVEL 1 Certificate of Completion – Upon passing the test a certificate which shows you have completed Level 1 training successfully will be awarded to you.
  • Access to IFF Level 1 Online Preparation Course – For 1 month!
  • 2 Online Zoom Preparatory Classes – with access to the recordings.


  • Basic belly dance experience required. *It is possible to attend as a beginning belly dancer if student studies selected online instruction videos and has a proficiency in basic movements. (SEE FAQ SECTION)
  • Dancers should be physically capable to dance Indian Fusion material for at least 5 hours per day
  • Basic English proficiency


A pre-course email will be sent to all registered participants before the beginning of Level 1 which will include reading assignments and practical dance review homework. *Suggested online study: ‘Preliminary Level IFF Online Course’


Students are required to receive a passing score on their final exam, attend all classes and complete all homework assignments to receive certification in Level 1 of Indian Fusion Formation. 

Only with this certification can the student proceed to the next level in the program.  Testing will be available on the last day of the Level 1 course.

Testing will be overseen by Colleena Shakti and one administrator and will be both written and practical exam given in English.  Students will receive a score based their responses with a 60% minimum to pass.  Feedback on areas to improve will also be given.  Non passing score will require students to re take level 1.

Frequently Asked QUestions

In the ‘workshop era’, mastery is often an abstract after thought.  Through structured coursework, a clearly defined path is presented to move one deeper into the vast world of Colleena Shakti’s Indian Fusion Dance.  A student who commits to a particular path, will only benefit from this focused study.  By establishing techniques and their progression, students will more deeply embody this dance form and feel confidence when presenting this material.

In Colleena’s regular retreats (such as previous retreats in Bali or Greece) there has not been a structured progression of techniques which is defined by levels.  Workshops and retreats are a chance for students to challenge themselves and try out a style of dance for their own personal enrichment.  Workshops and retreats are not sufficient trainings to base an entire dance career on.  To train a dancer in a particular style takes time and a defined pedagogy.  IFF is the first time Colleena is placing that responsibility on students to memorize a vocabulary and the opportunity achieve mastery within this dance technique.

No.  You will need to attend the live trainings.  We have online videos to support your practice after you complete the trainings.

Once you attain the certificate of each level, it is yours to keep.  We hope you keep practicing and developing what you have learned.

By Completing all 3 foundational levels, level 4 begins to discuss teaching techniques ethos and methodology.  Completion of Level 4 qualifies you to teach the material presented in the Indian Fusion Formation program.  Teaching, transmitting or a advertising these techniques and approaches before attaining the Level 4 Certification is considered unethical and may compromise your admittance into future programs.

This is much more than just a dance course. Our syllabus includes many important topics beyond the scope of any one dance modality.  Even with a professional dance background we feel it is best if all students establish and agree on the basic foundations from Level 1 and progress accordingly.

The goal of this program is to introduce specifically Indian Fusion dance movements and Colleena’s unique stylistic nuances. The program is not designed to initiate dancers into their first contact with Belly Dance.

Colleena’s vocabulary draws from Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, Raqs Sharqi, Egyptian Folkoric and ATS® Belly Dance as a fusion base. We suggest students first have at least 6 months (or more) of *regular* Belly Dance training and have a proficiency in the basic movements of Belly Dance.

Please include details of your dance experience in the application and mention if you are concerned about your level of experience. We will respond with specific movements we consider “Basic Belly Dance Movements” and suggestions to practice and prepare yourself.

To start with, all students are recommended to study with Colleena on Datura Online. Please find the basic movements of Indian Fusion dance listed here with links:


Some of Colleena’s favorite Belly Dance master teachers include: Suhaila Salimpour , Aziza , Rachel Brice and of course all the wonderful teachers at DATURA ONLINE

We suggest you to bring a notebook and or your laptop for extensive note-taking.  Dance attire for the class  can range from yoga leggings, belly dance hip scarf, large spinning skirt (for spinning classes), re usable water bottle and any required books from your reading list.

Every movement Colleena presents in this program is steeped in the Indian dance mood and flavored by the philosophies studied in theory class.  Belly Dance techniques presented in this style might refer to ATS, Tribal Fusion, Egyptian Folkloric or American Cabaret yet are often layered with Indian Fusion arms patterns and nuances.  For that reason it is hard to separate out a percentage.  Be prepared for reimagining both Indian Dance and Belly Dance.

There are 5 scheduled lectures and several sessions which require discourse on theories.   We will be following a Course Book manual and establishing new terminologies through out the program so we will give time for specific note taking in dance classes.  Be prepared for a pretty equal mix of dance and discourse as well as practice outside of class.

Colleena’s journey as a dancer and fusion artist is an incredibly rare and unique story of immersive study and direct discipleship in some of the most profound dance, art, yoga and martial arts studies of India through out the last 2 decades. What is truly unique in her classroom is the bridging of Eastern and Western approach to the body/mind/spirit of the artist.  It is rare to experience authenticity and commitment to tradition in the same curriculum which guides students through possibilities of new fusion creations.  Her trademark is her well defined values and philosophical insights of Indian aesthetic theory that guide Indian Fusion Dance.

You will need to be proficient in English to study and test in this program.  However, many international students who study with Colleena (in India and beyond), always remark at how easy it is to understand her clear and carful English.