Drop-in classes

current CLASS SCHEDULE - March

Please send a whatsapp message to confirm your attendance.  (+30 698 695 2521)  Give name, class title date/time.  Without confirming at least 12 hours before class time, the class may be cancelled.          *PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED*


Odissi CLassical Dance

2 class options below...

Teacher: Colleena Shakti or Senior Student

Experience classical Indian dance for the first time or come to reignite your practice with us.  We begin each class with strength training and warm up followed by Odissi Stepping techniques.  

COMMUNITY CLASS: Wednesdays 6-7:30 pm (all ages).  This class is good for an introduction. 

*COST: 800 

MORNING CLASS – M/W/F 10 – 11:30 am.  This is an all levels class and will build over the season.  Some Odissi experience is helpful.  Minimum enrollment is 3 classes.  Pre-registration is required. 

*COST: 3 Class Pack ₹ 4,900 

*Classes do build over the season, beginning students encouraged to join at the beginning of the season (February)


Tuesday - 4:30 - 6 pm

Teacher: Colleena Shakti or Senior Student

Learn Colleena’s unique vision of Rajasthani dance infused with classical sensibilities and unique interpretations of dance from the courts of Northern India.  This class will begin with basic Kathak classical dance techniques (arm patterns, lines and spinning techniques) and introduce new stylizations each class which will range from Kalbeliya and Ghoomar dance of Rajasthan, to Kathak classical dance which was heavily influenced by Persian and Central Asian dances through out its history.  Enjoy Sufi music in this class infused with the sacred!

*COST: 1,500 single class / ₹4,200 3 class pack

Kalbeliya Dance

Monday - Saturday - 3-4 pm

Teacher: Local Kalbeliya Artist

Kalbeliya dance is a playful, rhythmic, whirling dance of the Kalbeliya community.  Connect with local culture and experience the joy of swaying to the rhythms of Rajasthan.  Raki Kalbeliya is one of our most loved teachers, she has been teaching at our school for over a decade.  Her warm personality brings fun and passion to her interpretations of the dance movements.  This class is perfect for beginners and also offers a rich experience for seasoned dancers.  All ages welcome.  Please pay in cash. 

*COST: ₹800 single class / 6 class pack for ₹4,500


Friday - 4:30 - 6 pm

Teacher: Colleena Shakti or Senior Student

Learn Colleena’s trademark style Indian Fusion Belly Dance broken down into techniques and drilled, then woven together into several phrases.  Inspired by dance poses found in Indian sculpture, painting and classical dance, and integrating details of Indian classical dance, with earthy, strong, fluid belly dance Colleena will share movements that offer a sweet combination of aesthetics to create that elegant Indian mood.  This class is multi level. 

*COST: 1,500 single class / ₹4,200 3 class pack


Mon / Wed / Fri - 9-10 am

Teacher: Colleena Shakti or Senior Student

Vinyasa Krama Yoga is a breath based yoga system that links flowing graceful movement sequences with the expansive rhythm of the breath.  Our morning practice is designed to prepare dancers for their day of classical Indian dance training.  Several vinyasas are practiced each day along with pranayama and short meditation.  

This class is not suitable for those with injuries or current health conditions.  Please bring your own yoga mat if possible. 

Pre- registration is required for this class, come visit us or email our team for info!

*COST: 3 class pack ₹2,400 / 6 class pack  ₹4,500


Thursday - 6 - 7:30 pm

Teacher: Colleena Shakti

Indian Aesthetic Theory unpacks the context in which our classical Indian dances exist and draws from thousands of years of Sanskrit texts that unravel the mysteries of art and life.  The theories weave between Yoga, Vedanta, Kashmir Shaivism and Ayurveda and Dance, Music, Theater and Poetry with each verse.  We start to see a holistic system in which the layers of the dancing body are understood and give meaning to the layered symbolism in Indian classical arts. 

This class is designed for dancers, however anyone with sincere interest may join.  Recordings not allowed – note taking encouraged.  Class may also be broadcast online.  

*COST: 1,500 single class / ₹4,200 3 class pack


In the spirit of cultural exchange and holistic learning, we are delighted each year to welcome some very interesting workshops with master teachers in various fields of work.  Our Odissi intensive programs always attract an interesting range of professionals who find unique ways in which this incredible art of Odissi relates to their work.  In past years we have had masters in the fields of: Butoh dance, Dance Therapeutics, Ayurveda, Flamenco dance, Chinese Medicine, Yoga Chikitsa, Fusion Belly Dance and more.