Vasant Rāg – Indian Fusion Choreography


Open level, basic belly dance skills and some experience in Colleena’s Indian Fusion movement vocabulary is helpful.

Course Length & Access:

30, 60 or 90 day rental 

Study Flow:

Free Flow Access. Pre-recorded classes and practice videos. 


$70 for 1-month rental / $130 for 2-month rental / $190 for 3-month rental

Class Description:

In this in-depth choreography Course students will not only learn and develop a dance piece, but they will also uniquely explore musicality (Indian Classical music concepts) and abhinaya (expression and gesture of Indian dance), offering students new insights on how to work with Indian music and themes.  

“Vasant Rāg’ is a graceful fusion choreography which utilizes Bellydance and Indian dance movements to delicately accent this Indian classical music (set on Vasanta, the springtime Rāg). The movements which appear sculpturesque and measured are rich in nuances particular to Colleena’s Indian Fusion Formation.  The choreography focuses on breath, emotion, poise, and achieving “movement in stillness”.   Through stylized Indian expression (abhinaya), the choreography brings to life the spring time mood, a favorite theme in Indian aesthetics which represent romance and the fresh promise of nature in bloom.

This in-depth Course includes pre-recorded classes in which Colleena shares metaphoric reflections, classical Indian dance influences and theoretical components used in this choreography, as well as breakdowns of each choreography section and practice drills for the key movements. 

The duration of the course is up to each individual and is on a monthly renewal basis.   We suggest students stay with the full course and use the reference material until you are proficient in the choreography and its techniques.  

This course includes high quality pre-recorded classes and practice videos

The pre-recorded videos imparting the steps and structure of the choreography are to be used as reference material for self practice.  

Materials and Study Aids Included:

  • Lecture on theoretical aspects of the dance and music
  • Unique drills that relate to techniques found in this choreography.  Breakdown video explains the steps in detail while the Runthrough is for your regular practice to develop precision and stamina in the steps.
  • Choreography breakdown sections
  • Run through videos to practice each section slowly without music
  • Full Run through with music – both front and back facing.
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