Indian Fusion Formation: Preliminary Level Course

IFF Preliminary level course


Preliminary / Beginner  – This course is designed to nurture fundamental moves and concepts of fusion Bellydance used in Colleena’s unique Indian Fusion Bellydance Style.

For dancers with less than 2+ years of Bellydance training:

this course is a required pre-requisite for IFF (Indian Fusion Formation) Level 1. This course breaks down the key Bellydance movements used in Colleena’s Indian Fusion dance (which are not broken down in Level 1)

For dancers who already have 2+ years of Bellydance training:

this is a highly recommended course before joining IFF Level 1.  The Bellydance vocabulary used in IFF Level 1 involves movements from various Bellydance sub-genre such  as: ATS, Tribal Fusion, Egyptian Folkloric, Raqs Sharqi and American Cabaret Bellydance.


1 month / 2 month / 3 month 



Pre-recorded study videos (Breakdown and Run throughs) and pre-recorded classes.

Suggested Study Schedule:

Daily practice will create strong muscle memory and mastery level precision, practicing a few times a week – regularly will help you integrate these movements into your own dance vocabulary.  Before joining Level 1 Indian Fusion Formation, please make these movements a regular practice to make the most of your training.


$70 for 1-month rental / $130 for 2-month rental / $190 for 3-month rental

Class Description:


This dance is rich in symbolism and detail, with deep meanings waiting to be unveiled. Stylistically speaking, Indian Fusion movement vocabulary is inspired by cultural dances of India and the Middle East (including its modern evolutions).  This dance bridges modern and folkloric Belly Dance vocabulary with extensive postures and spins of North Indian classical and folk dance, intricacies of eyes, hands and facial expression from Eastern Indian classical dance and draws in elements of Central Asian dances as well.  Woven seamlessly together, Indian Fusion Dance is both Ancient & Modern – expressing timeless qualities and values.

THIS COURSE:  What is Preliminary Bellydance?

Softness and strength, continuous flow and impactful percussive accents… these are the timeless qualities in the dance styles known as: Bellydance, Oriental dance, Raqs Sharqi, Tribal Fusion belly dance and ATS (Fat Chance Belly Dance style). 

This course carefully breaks down the languid slow movements, powerful postures and playful accents from a wide array of Bellydance styles which are utilized as a base in Indian Fusion Formation.  


All the basic ‘gestures’ of all Bellydance movements conceptualized by Colleena as a way to understand the smallest components of a Bellydance ‘move’.  You will study a series of the most common Bellydance ‘Moves’ used in Indian Fusion Bellydance – some of which retain a very folkloric Egyptian feel, and some which retain the powerful posturing that is signature to the Tribal Bellydance style.  Students will be inspired and challenged by  learning the basic arm postures, a variety of shimmies and numerous drills for slow and fast vocabulary in this extensive course that will bring your Bellydance skills to the next level.

This course culminates with a fun choreography that links together all the preliminary moves.


Colleena strongly recommends this course for those wishing to join Indian Fusion Formation Level 1.  The objective of this course is to clearly understand and integrate through practice the key dance movements which are developed in Colleena’s fusion dance style.

 There are endless variations and interpretations of ‘Bellydance’ movements out there, each teacher adding their own unique vision and style.  Since the goal of a certified training such as Indian Fusion Formation is unified movement, it is extremely helpful for even experienced Bellydancers to review these movements in preparation for Level 1 IFF.  These movements will continue to build in complexity in Level 1, adding unique arm patterns, traveling pathways and layering Indian dance accents. 

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