Ballet Inspiration: Barre, Balance & Grace


Open Level, Beginners, Intermediate

Course Length & Access:

Rental: 1 month access – 30 day access 


Wear socks or Ballet slippers and make sure you have enough space to widely move your arms.

Study Flow:

Free Flow Access 

Suggested Study Schedule: 

For maximum results and to perfect posture and alignment, add this to your daily practice (3x per week minimum).


$44 for one-month

Class Description:

Part 1: Ballet Barre Warm-Up

Join Elina Kikili in this all time classic Ballet barre warm up practice to perfect your alignment and posture, and activate your turn out to the max!

The Ballet Barre Warm Up is designed to lubricate and soften all joints and spine, increase blood flow ,“open” your hips and strengthen your Turn Out, perfect postural alignment, activate your balance and softly stretch your muscles and tendons to ease and restore tensions or old injuries and get mentally ready for a wonderful dancing practice ahead!

After these warm ups, dancers will feel euphoric, supple and in perfect alignment, with body and mind ready to do anything!

Please, watch the breakdown of each exercise carefully and follow all instructions. Work our mindfully at all times to avoid injuries and check your alignment and posture throughout the practice.

Ballet Barre practice has always been my best way to warm up my body before ANY dance practice as it offers so much at once, and I’m thrilled to share it now with you!

Part 2: Activate and Strengthen your En Dehors

Activate and strengthen your turn-out or as we call it in Ballet “ en dehors” and restore your feet and leg muscles with these three powerful Ballet exercises.

In this section we will focus on mastering the best way of opening  the hip joint, lengthen the hip flexors and powerfully activate and strengthen the glutes.

The dancers will be invited to do the practice mindfully, maintaining their perfect alignment and with a constant sense of lengthening their limbs and spine, using the power of opposition.

Through my lifelong ballet practice, those are my very best 3 exercises that have helped me the most to gain good mobility of the hip joint and strong glutes.

Flexible and mobile ballet tern-out has helped me a lot in my Odissi practice and that’s why I strongly suggest to all Odissi students to try it!

Part 3: Ballet “Reverence”

In ballet, we show appreciation and respect with a beautiful bow or curtsy at the end (and sometimes also at the beginning) of our class and performance. We acknowledge the lineage of dance artistry, our teachers, the musicians, each other, and the dancing space.

We may follow a set movement pattern or improvisation by our teacher, using beautiful port de bras (arm movements) bows, and then applause and thanks. It is a very nice touch to thank the teacher and musician(s) as well as smile and greet your fellow dancers.

This beautiful sequence is appropriate for dancers of all ages and dancing backgrounds and is fun to perform. Everyone can benefit from the graceful movements and sense of respect and acknowledgement.

Can also be used as a “cool down” at the end of any dance practice or part of your warm up.


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