Preliminary Belly Dance Moves – Shimmy Suite Copy

4/4 Shimmy:

3/4 Shimmy:

3/4 Shimmy means we hold still for one beat of the music.  The hold can be on the 2 or on the 4.  


Hagala can be done in slow tempo (I like to play with this!  It really changes the personality of the movement) but is usually done in faster tempos.  The accent can change musically just like the 3/4 Shimmy.  This movement is found in many Bellydance styles and was originally inspired by the Hagala dance of Egypt (also found in Libya and I believe as far West as Algeria).  Mahmoud Reda created a famous rendition of this ‘folkdance’ – the choreography was mainly showcasing this movement.

Over Shimmy / Maya Shimmy:

Under Shimmy / Ghawazee Shimmy:

Accent of this shimmy is a release and the natural reverberation that occurs.  The movement is found in several Bellydance styles including ATS and seems it was originally inspired by the earthy movements of the Benat Mazan dancers of Upper Egypt.