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Dance of breath

The Dance of Breath: Vinyasa Krama Yoga

When mastered, this vinyasa practice becomes an inspiring artistic expression; a flowing dance set to the rhythm of the breath.   Guru Shishya Parampara, an unbroken chain of direct discipleship

Indian Aesthetic Theory

What is ‘Aesthetics’?

Aesthetics can be defined as: philosophical speculation on the mysteries of the existence of beauty, the creation of art and the human mind set which enables us to have a


Sadhana: More than just practice

We follow a path known as sadhana in Indian creative and spiritual arts. While it is common to hear the term sadhana in a yoga ashram or meditation center, many artists have

Power of dance title

Documentary Film Release!!

The debut of an incredible film by Julianne Reynolds about Colleena Shakti and THE POWER OF DANCE! This documentary follows Colleena through her many faces in the dance at Shakti School of Dance in India