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Pranam: Of Hands & Heart

Online Event

PranamOf hands & Heart... June 2 & 9 Sunday 7-8:30 pm (greek time) “Reverential Salutation” - using the body to crystallize intention, join in a creative flow of movements and shapes from ancient Indian dance practices, yoga and the naturally abundant inner landscape of your own body. For decades now Colleena has been exploring this …

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Rajasthani Dance Workshop ~ May 26

Online Event

Rajasthani Dance Workshop Sunday, May 26 7-8:30 pm (Greek Time) This pop-up Rajasthani dance workshop will be a fun and refreshing journey through a bit of basic rajasthani dance choreography.  Learn the basic nuances and gestures of Rajasthani dance in Colleena’s stylizations as learned from mainly the Kalbeliya community, but embellished with classical Indian dance …

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Odissi Classical Dance: Odissi Nritya – Batu Series

Online Event

Odissi Classical Dance Batu Series may - June 22 / 29 & 5 /12 Mondays 8-9:30 pm (greek time) *Last class will be at 10 am (Greek time) BATU NRUTYA SERIES Deconstruct / Reconstruct this vibrant and vigorous classic odissi choreography through an entire ‘Batu Stepping’ series and review of the choreographies main ‘Arasa’ (compositions).  …

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