Vasant Pallavi Course


This course is available ONLY as a rental to those students who have already learned this item and have been approved to rent this course. 

Course Length & Access:

30 day rental 

Study Flow:

Free Flow Access. Pre-recorded classes and practice videos. 


$55 for 30 day rental 

Class Description:

Vassant Pallavi Choreography Course

Choreographed by Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra, this sweet dance is the first pallavi learned in our traditional margam (path).   Set to the Rag Vasanta in tal Ekotali (4 count rhythm) this item recounts the romantic aroma of springtime in details like the flower buds, cuckoo birds and the mad elephants of the forest abode where Krishna dwells.  Lord Krishna is known as the ‘rasa raja’ (king of nectarian delight) and thrives in this romantic moods as he dances with the gopis.

This online course is designed to support students’ self practice with reference materials.  The duration of the course is up to each individual and is on a monthly renewal basis.   

The course is designed for those who would like to polish their technique.  The choreography includes many techniques which repeat throughout the odissi style and should only be learned after completing Mangalacharan as per our lineage. 

This course includes high quality pre-recorded classes and practice videos

The pre-recorded videos imparting the steps and structure of the choreography are to be used as reference material for self practice.  

The music file is not included in this course, however you may purchase it separately, please contact SSD admin.   


Materials and Study Aids Included:

  • Lecture on theoretical aspects of the dance and music
  • Unique ‘Stepping Practice’ series that relate to techniques found in this choreography.  Breakdown video explains the steps in detail while the Runthrough is for your regular practice to develop precision and stamina in the steps.
  • Choreography breakdown sections
  • Full Run through with music
  • Shloka practice

In order to enroll in this course, you must register via email. 

We will approve you for this course ONLY if you have previously learned Vassant Pallavi item.

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