The Dance of Breath: Vinyasa Krama Yoga Course – Private


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30 Day Rental available to all continuing students who have previously taken this course. 

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Hours of pre-recorded practice videos. 


$55 for 1 month rental

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We welcome all levels of yoga practitioners to immerse in this profound gentle, breath-based yoga practice.  This course is designed to explore theory and technique break downs and offers hours of pre-recorded practice videos to firmly establish the practice through regular repetition.  The lessons are presented in the context of our dance school with a dancers needs in mind, but certainly anyone can benefit from regular practice.


The art of Vinyasa Krama Yoga aims to focus the mind on the breath, connecting each breath with graceful flowing movements.  The breath leads each movement through the series by gently awakening subtle energy channels, rather than simply stretching muscle tissue.  The body experiences a natural opening and energization while pulsing through the gentle stretches.  From asana vinyasa we build up to pranayama practices, followed by pratyahara and meditation to fine-tune our concentration skills and cultivate inner peace. The goal of this practice is to slow and deepen the breath, in turn slowing the heart rate and quieting the mind.  Truly a moving meditation, a dance. 

With careful guidance through Gurukal (one to one) style teachings under Swami Vidyadishananda Giri (highly ordained Vedic monk hailing from a lineage of meditation adepts from the Himalaya) Colleena has integrated these yoga teachings into her dance training programs as a way to unlock and cultivate energy from that limitless source within.  Receiving additional training under Shrivatsa Ramaswami related a Vinyasa Krama Yoga style, she follows her teachers guidance to share with students a well rounded practice designed for dancers looking to deeply embody and develop strength from the inside out, as well as those from all walks of life wanting to establish a profound regular yoga practice which brings about peace.

*This class is appropriate for all levels of experience.  Please inform your teacher of any injuries which might limit your capacity to safely execute the movements.


This course consists of traditional choreographed sequences as well as uniquely adapted practices put together by Colleena to suit the needs of a dancer.  Particularly the traditional sequences are meant to be memorized and repeated over time so that the body memorizes and moves effortlessly through the graceful dance while the mind is engrossed and at ease. 

Those interested in learning higher yoga directly from a realized master and yoga adept are welcome to visit: to discover the profound teachings of His Holiness Swami Vidyadishananda Giri. 

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