Stepping into Advanced Techniques


Must have learned all Basic Chowka and Tribhangi stepping and at least 1 item.  NO APPLICATION REQUIRED.

Course Length & Access:

1 month access ~ APRIL 1 – 30. Course Expires April 30, 2021


 Pre-recorded classes and practice videos, as well as *Live real-time classes via Zoom (6 hours):

Zoom Classes: 

  • Wednesdays: April 7, 14, 21 & 28th – 7:15-8:45 pm (EET Athens time). Live Via Zoom (replay for 24 hrs)  *Please attend the Zoom classes live in real-time rather than just catching the recording.  Your energy and participation in your learning experience is greatly appreciated! 

Study Flow:

Free flow access! Practice with videos to memorize content and vocabulary so that our live Zoom class time can be utilized for corrections and feedback.

*Please study the material BEFORE your first class.  Remember, live classes are for assessment and feedback.



(6 hours of live classes plus pre-recorded practice and instruction videos – 1 month access) 

Class Description:

Stepping into Advanced Techniques ~

Students wishing to advance their techniques in Odissi dance will enjoy this course to challenge their coordination, precision and balance.  Two full length stepping practices have been devised of common movement patterns found in repertoire dance items (Hari OM, Batu) and isolated for repetitive practice. By honing in on unique movement dynamics and geometric patterns in nritta sequences, students will gain insights into movement principles that can often get overlooked.

This course includes both: 

  • Synchronous classes: live online courses conducted in real-time via Zoom
  • Asynchronous classes: high quality pre-recorded classes and practice videos

The course content includes: pre-recorded videos which impart the breakdown of the steps and a run through to use for self practice.  The course also includes scheduled Live Zoom classes for: group learning and review, question/answer sessions and to receive individual feedback and corrections on your dance progress.  Please try to attend at least half of the scheduled Zoom classes with cameras on so you receive that essential feedback from your teacher.  If you cannot attend the Live sessions, please contact Colleena to schedule a private Zoom session ($25).     


Live Zoom Class Schedule:

  • 4 Wednesdays ~ April 7, 14, 21, & 28 – 7:15-8:45 pm (EET Athens Time)

*If you cannot attend live, class recordings will be added to this course within 12-24 hours. Once posted, you have 24 hours to view. 


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