SSD Alumni Practice Series


You must have previously studied for at least one full session at SSD in Pushkar.  Please submit your application (link below) and include your dates of study and items learned at SSD.

Course Length & Access:

30 day rental


Pre-recorded classes and practice videos

Study Flow:

Free Flow Access 


$25 one-month rental 

Class Description:

Practice along with these beautiful videos of nostalgic Pushkar dance days. We love and appreciate all of our dear students and hope to keep each other inspired in this life path of dance.  This course includes our Vinyasa Krama Yoga practice, warm-up exercises and stepping exercises… all videos were recorded at our beloved Old Rang Ji temple in Pushkar! Practice with us in our HOME!

Happy dancing, until we can meet again!

In order to enroll in this course, you must submit an application. 

If we already have your application on file, please simply send an email to us at and let us know that you would like to enroll in this course. 

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