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Week 1: Aug 2-7

Week 2: Aug 9-14


Level 1 includes new and continuing students who are learning and refining Chowka and Tribhangi steppings or have learned Hari Om or started Mangalacharan

Course Length & Access:

  • Course content available for 2 weeks (Pre-recorded and Zoom recordings). Week 1: Aug 1-14, Week  2: Aug 8-21
  • Real-time attendance to Zoom classes is encouraged for feedback and corrections

Study Flow:

Free Flow Access 


Pre-recorded classes, as well as *Live real-time classes via Zoom


€137 for 1 week / €247 for 2 weeks ($163 and $294) 

Program Description:

Shakti Summer School Online 2021 ~

For those of you  who can not join us live this year at Shakti Summer School Greece, we have carefully crafted an online experience for you to re-root in your dance practice.  The course is designed to challenge students’ skills, stamina and artistic understanding to break through to new levels in Odissi.  Each day begins with a deeply centering Vinyasa Krama Yoga practice including Vinyasa, pranayama and meditation.  The yoga classes for online students are pre-recorded so that each day there is a slightly different focus in the practice.  The 1.5 hour Technique, Stepping & Exercises class will be held live on Zoom and challenge students’ stamina with our traditional stepping practice, as well as offer new steppings set in various tala of Odissi. 

We have divided the course in 2 levels, please choose the appropriate level for you based on your experience and current proficiency

Level 1 Students:  Level 1 includes new and continuing students who are learning and refining Chowka and Tribhangi steppings or have learned Hari Om or started Mangalacharan

Continuing Students – Level 2 +:  For continuing students who have learned Mangalacharan and other items, are proficient in all Chowka and Tribhangi steppings and can keep fast paced learning of steps in various tala.

Odissi Level 1:

This course is designed to offer dancers a chance to root into the holistic approach we take at Shakti School of Dance.  Theory classes support students to deepen their understanding of Indian classical music and ancient texts. 

The course content includes: pre-recorded videos which impart the breakdown of the steps and a run through to use for self practice.  

Level 1 Composition Class will be held on Zoom and focus on Nomami Mangalacharan Choreography.  The choreography requires some proficiency in basic steps and is broken down in 2 parts:

  • Week 1: Nomami Mangalacharan Part 1: Entrance & Shloka.
  • Week 2: Nomami Mangalacharan Part 2: Sabha Pranam

Theory class is held live on Zoom each Monday, Wednesday and Friday and will cover:

  • Week 1: Natya Shastra key concepts and vocabulary. 
  • Week 2: Abhinaya, Archetypes and Expression. 

All Zoom classes will be recorded in case students cannot attend due to time difference.  All online material is available for 2 weeks.



  • 3 Theory Class  Lectures 6-7 pm EEST Monday, Wednesday, Friday – Live Zoom Class
  • 6 days of Vinyasa Krama Yoga Practice (1 hour) – Pre-recorded
  • 3 days of Odissi Technique: Exercises & Stepping Practice: Both traditional Steppings and new Tala and Chanda Steppings – 10-11:30 am EEST Monday, Wednesday, Friday  – Live Zoom Class
  • 6 days of Level 1 Nomami Mangalacharan Choreography – 12:30-1:30 pm EEST – Live Zoom Class
    • Week 1: Nomami Mangalacharan Part 1: Entrance & Shloka
    • Week 2: Nomami Mangalacharan Part 2: Sabha Pranam
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