Body Maps: Ways of Viewing the Body


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Course Length & Access:

Jan 15 – Apr 15, 2022

3 Weekends LIVE via Zoom (or via recording):  Jan 15 & 16 7-8:30 pm / Feb 19 & 20 / March 30 & 31 ~ 7-8:30 pm (Athens Time) 

Study Flow:

Live real-time classes via zoom plus recordings (9 hours) 



*Scholarships available for Indian nationals

Class Description:

This ‘theory’ class series is an ongoing exploration of our inhabited body and the infinite ways in which we experience it.  We will specifically identify lenses of viewing the body through somatic experience, sanskrit literature, yogic traditions, puranic lore, Ayurveda and Indic embodied arts practices.  By investigating traditional tools and approaches of cultivating self awareness (through embodied practices) we may discover new dimensions to work with as dancers, healers and conscious beings.  Many of these ‘body maps’ are assumed and woven into the backdrop of teachings in classical Indian dance, music, yoga and theater.  This course is designed as a lecture series and class discussion, but will also include some embodied practice and observation each class and reflective journal writing assignments which will be shared in the following session.  While the presentations will be made in the context of Indian classical dance and yoga, this material is relevant to any human being interested in cultivating deeper self awareness.

Live Zoom sessions will be recorded and available through the end of the course. January 15 to April 15, 2022.  Class recordings will be posted within 24 hours of the end of each class.

Live participation is highly recommended as part of this curriculum includes group discussion, sharing and embodied practices.

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Session 1:

January 15 & 16: Saturday and Sunday 7-8:30pm (Athens time)

Session 2:

February 19 & 20: Saturday and Sunday 6-7:30pm (Athens time)

Session 3:

March 30 & 31:  7-8:30pm (Athens time)

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