Documentary Film Release!!

The debut of an incredible film by Julianne Reynolds about Colleena Shakti and THE POWER OF DANCE!

This documentary follows Colleena through her many faces in the dance at Shakti School of Dance in India and beyond. Includes interviews with her Guru – Sujata Mohapatra, international students and fellow artists.

Directed and produced by Juianne Reynolds of Romanski Films (Los Angeles), this short film is a window into the work of an American born contemporary fusion artist who has steeped herself in the culture and traditions of India for the past 15 years, studying Odissi and Rajasthani dance and using these art forms to express the transformational potency of dance.

The director describes it as: “Colleena dedicates her life and dance to the power of her “lineage” and guru. But its even beyond that, for it takes passion to stay on a path that has many challenges for an American living in India, and being a foreigner. This inner calling to know and seek truth has not only changed her life, but changes those that have seen her on stage and have studied with her at the, Shakti School of Dance in Pushkar, India.

This short documentary, shot in India and the US, captures the essence of her mission to teach the importance of lineage, but it also captures the essence of the mystical path of that Colleena walks, in the world, on the stage and at home in India. Her students can only lend the most humble voice to Colleena’s hard work as a teacher and dancer, but to Colleena the role she admires the most in her life is that of her being a “student”, and staying curious, and striving for some thing higher.”

When asked what the documentary meant to her Colleena adds:

“To me, it has come to be a glorious celebration of lineage – all the precious inspiration and wisdom my Gurus have shared with me about the true meaning of ART.  It is a testament to the power of culture and traditional arts.

The process of making the film was a new and surprisingly vulnerable expereince.  Since the first day,  I was struck by Julianne Reynolds sensitivity in seeing a situation beyond the obvious and how she could convey a mood through her camera and editing work. So many times I heard her summarize my very personal intentions and vision to me, with perfect clarity and honesty… it was like looking in a mirror!  Sometimes that can be a little scary. Most of us just live it – our art – we don’t stop to think… ‘I want to become this way…’ we just follow our intuition and muster up a little courage and go! She could see the threads connecting this unusual life I am leading – even more than I could. As an artist herself, she could feel my hunger… hunger to live the artistic experience deeper. Hunger to venture into the realms where spirituality and art are 2 names for the same thing – therefore why I choose to be in India.”

Comments about the film:

“I warmly encourage you all to take time to watch this beautiful documentary, thirty minutes of goose bumps and tears of happiness!”

“So amazing! Colleena’s dedication is absolutely driven by divine inspiration. I especially love the part about lineage and how it’s not limiting, its limitless once you are inside of the technique and form. Bravo to Colleena and Julianne. This is one I will watch over and over again.”

“A beautiful documentary on Colleena Shakti practice of dance, quest of spirituality an devotion in Art, and so much more of what she offers to this world.  …I deeply believe in the power of kindness in this world, and that’s why maybe I was so touched by this. I enjoy to see this video, and I hope that Colleena continues to inspiring the world. Thank you so much!”

“This film portrays values I believe in …we can find such inspiration here.”

“A short movie about one amazing artist and person.  It really captures everything essential about Odissi, Kalbeliya and Fusion dance. Just watch this and you will be transformed out of beauty and divine Colleena, this is so inspirational”

“Incredible film of a truly incredible being. I feel so honored to have had the great privilege of crossing paths and connecting with Colleena …she inspired me to the fullest with her art and glowing heart. Thank you for all that you are in our world!!”

“Her dedicated effort of nearly two decades has been showcased in 27.31 minutes!”

“Exceptionally BEAUTIFUL!  This is a film rich with the understandings of true art, love, beauty, freedom, discipline, practice and great wisdom!”

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